Tuesday, 1 January 2013


You stumbled onto this blog and naturally several questions started rattling in your brain, like who is this git and why should I care about him and anything he says.

These are some very good questions and although I'm not sure if you're very interested in the reply that I'm going to give to these questions, I'll try to anyway.

My name ... ehmmm... Just call me JenSev, I do have an actual name, but this being the internet and all I'm not going to give it. I'm pretty sure you can find my actual name somewhere in the cesspool that is the internet but I'm not really going to help you with that.
With at least the name part of the introduction done let's move on to more interesting parts.
So, I'm a man, like most people that seem to use the internet the most often and also ramble on in blogs to absolutely nobody's interest except for themselves, their mothers and other bloggers that seem to treat attention to random gibberish as a form of barter system.
I study Philosophy which seems like an interesting thing to do but when you consider the job prospects seems like a complete waste of time, but I think it's fun.
As for what type of person I am, here is a small run-down of my dysfunctional personality. I'm a sceptical, cynical, sarcastic, arrogant misanthrope who is too smart for his own good and has the attention span of a goldfish with a concussion.

So, onto the second part of the question, why should you care. I'm not entirely sure how to answer this since it's something of a personal question about the reader of this blog. If you think random, possibly insightful ramblings are fun and worth your time then I think you could care, but if you don't I can understand that.
And for the final underlying question, why did I even start a blog? Since it's the first of January I thought I'd do something most people do at the start of the new year, something, anything. Like quit smoking, going to the gym, starting a blog and starting to do that very enthusiastically only to forget about it very quickly and never return to it until the start of the next year to repeat it all again.

So, that's basically it, my introduction into the world of blogging